1.    KEEP IT SIMPLE !!!!!  You want  to arouse the viewer's curiosity  and
        keep his / her attention.  The purpose of the site is to promote your business
        and inform the viewer

2.    First impressions are the most important.  Avoid animation such as dancing penguins
        and waving flags.  Background music can be irritating especially if the viewer doesn't
        like the song.  Even though some people like these features, they are not very
        professional for a business web site.

3.    Use lots of pictures.  As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."  Be careful about
        using slide shows, especially if they take a long time to load.  Most viewers don't have
        time to waste.

4.    Do not have a lot of text with fine print.  This will bore the viewer.  Say the most
        with the least number of words.

5.    You should be able to easily navigate the different pages.  Have a road map at the top of
        each page
showing your location.

6.    Use pleasant color combinations. Bright pink text on a lime green background
        is a no no.

7.    It is ideal to keep all of the page content on one screen so the viewer does not have
        to scroll down or to the right.

8.    The basic categories are:

        Home Page -  broad overview of the business with links to the other pages.
        About Us - description of you and your business.
        Details of Products and Services
        Pricing / Terms & Conditions
        Location /  Directions
        Links to other relevant web sites.
        Contact Us - Names / titles , e mail , phone / fax numbers, mailing address.

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